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Herb Container Gardening

from: Ultimate Home Gardening

Few things enhance the flavour of a home cooked meal like fresh herbs. Herbs add a lot of full flavour without the additional of unhealthy fats and there is no discounting that intense flavour that comes from herbs. Spices and herbs are very high priced in the grocery stores. There is not much that you can do about the price of spices, but you could avoid the high prices and low quality of store bought herbs by herb container gardening. After learning a few tips and tricks you will be using the lush flavour of fresh herbs in all of your favorite dishes.

Selecting the correct containers for your herb garden is simple. They do not need to be big and the common plastic pots will work beautifully. You could always use small terra cotta pots or ceramic containers for a more finished look. While the type of pot is not important, the drainage is. Make sure there is enough drainage holes. Herbs do not like to sit in water and that is the quickest way to damage or kill your plants. A coffee filter in the bottom of the container is an excellent way to stop any soil loss through watering. Herb container gardening is simple when you use caution in watering your plants.

The best types of herbs to grow are your favourite herbs. In other words grow what you love eating. For the first time herb container gardening experiment there are some stand-bys that the experts suggest. Chives, rosemary, and oregano are great choices for a first attempt. They grow more slowly than others and are relatively small in size. Basil, thyme, and sage fall into this category also.

You can purchase your herbs either in seed form or small seedlings. The choice is yours and remember to expose your new plants to the outside slowly. It is a great idea to keep the new plants on a porch, protected from the elements for a few days before planting them to their final growing spot.

Soil is very important for all growing things and herbs are no exception. You want to select a light soil with the addition of vermiculite for drainage. Herbs are not picky, but they do appreciate the proper soil for growth in herb container gardening.

Harvesting your fresh herbs is a simple process also. Several people harvest by taking a few pinches at a time as needed when cooking. The plants will need to be cut back at some point though. You could freeze, dry, or share your herbs with friends and family. Fresh herbs make an excellent gift for your budding chef in your life.

Herb container gardening is a sure way to add some flavour to your life.

Chris Gray is the recognized authority on the subject of container gardening. Her web page Ultimate Home Gardening gives a wealth of information and resources on everything you will need to learn about home gardening. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as all the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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