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Organic Gardening - Fresh and Healthy

from: Home Gardening Tools

Organic gardening is usually considered to be any method of gardening that does not use any chemicals or pesticides to maintain the garden. You can practice organic gardening in a vegetable or flower garden; or in any other area in which someone is trying to grow things.

There are several reasons that gardeners want to practice organic gardening. Most people like the idea of wholesome, fresh vegetables that do not have any form of chemical, possibly poisonous residue on them. A lot people like to have plants which will attract a variety of small wildlife, such as butterflies and bees. Some people have small kids or pets and do not want to take the chance that the chemicals frequently used in non-organic gardening could hurt their children or pets.

Organic gardening is not “easy gardening”. Effort is needed to have successful gardens in most situations and this is not an exception. You need to plan the garden before starting it. It is necessary to consider what type of garden one wants, where it will be kept, how it will be organized and if companion plants are to be included.

Organic gardening must have compost. Compost is a mixture of topsoil and a different types of organic matter such as leaves, vegetable refuse, manure air and water. This mixture needs to be turned or mixed frequently, so there needs to be room to work with the developing compost. Once the compost is ready, it is used as the basic medium into which the plants or seeds are placed. Generally, the compost is done before the garden is planted.

The location of the garden is very important. Does the area have a lot of sun? Will it be high enough so that it will not be frequently flooded in major rain storms? Will it need any protection if the weather suddenly turns too cold? Is there easy access to your garden? The location of the plants in the garden should also be considered.

Companion plants are plants that have some type of natural chemical that repels a variety of insects or diseases. Garlic, for example, planted close to roses tends to repel the aphids that frequently attack roses. Oregano also repel the cucumber beetle. Some plants will help repel nematodes. If planned well, it is possible for a gardener to be able to grow a flower garden in the exact same spot as a vegetable garden. The geographic location of the garden Will need to be considered when deciding what to plant in an organic garden. Is it in Alaska, Nevada, Sunny Florida or elsewhere? Get going with your organic gardening now!

Miss Christine "Green Thumb" Gray is the recognized authority on the subject of organic gardening. Her web page Home Gardening Tools gives a wealth of information and resources on everything you will need to learn from gardeners. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as all the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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