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Hydroponics Gardening - What is it?

from: Hydroponics gardening.

Indoor hydroponics gardening is simply means growing plants inside without soil; Using water, air, sand or gravel as the growing medium instead. The word ‘hydroponics’ is comes from the Greek words, ‘hydro’ which is water and ‘ponics’ which means labour. Interestingly, gardening without soil is nothing new, the Floating Gardens of China was commented on by Marco Polo and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon dating back to 604 to 562 BC are two examples from history.

There are generally 2 types of indoor hydroponics gardening, active and passive. Passive indoor hydroponics gardening involves getting the needed nutrients plants need to grow through the use of what is known as a wick system. The wick system works exactly the same way a kerosene lamp does, pulling the nutrients from main reservoir. The passive system is not used frequently as it is not as efficient as the active hydroponics system.

Active indoor hydroponics gardening system is where the nutrients required for plants to survive are actually poured over the roots directly, or a pump is used to push the nutrients to the roots. There are several active hydroponics systems such as the ebb and flow method and the nutrient film technique.

The nutrients used in indoor hydroponics gardening are known by very different names, such as hydroponics nutrients, plant food or hydroponics fertilizer.

Once the fascination over the novelty of this kind of gardening is over the real fun starts. Indoor hydroponics gardening generally produces bigger fruits and vegetables; this is as a result of the plant not having to divide its time between finding nourishment and producing fruits or vegetables. It is proven that vegetables grown using hydroponics tend to be 30 to 50 percent larger than those grown in the traditional manner. In addition to producing better results, indoor hydroponics gardening also results in faster produces.

For the newbies wanting to experiment and begin indoor hydroponics gardening as a hobby, going online is a great starting point for articles on how to get into hydroponics gardening. In addition there are tons of books on the subject, as well as gardening clubs, both online and in-person that you could join. pPlease note that some of these groups are fee-based while others are free.

The beauty of indoor hydroponics gardening is how simple, quick and clean it is. This method of gardening is believed by many to be the future of gardening. Indoor hydroponics gardening is less wasteful of natural resources such as water and soil.
Miss Christine "Green Thumbs" Gray is the recognized authority on the subject of indoor gardening. Her web page Indoor Gardening gives a wealth of information and resources on everything you will need to learn from gardeners. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as all the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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